Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sitting with Jesus... An Introduction to Centering Prayer

In the Spring and Fall of 2014, I taught a class on Centering Prayer at St. John's Episcopal Church entitled "Sitting with Jesus" which is a reference to the story of Jesus, Mary, and Martha in Luke 10:38-42. We spent more than six weeks learning Centering Prayer, but during the first few weeks I produced a class handout. I am making them available here to be used as is or to be modified to fit anyone's situation.

Session 1 — Intention pdfdoc

Session 2 — Attention • pdfdoc

Session 3 — Thoughts • pdfdoc

Session 4 — More Thoughts • pdfdoc

Session 5 — The Inner Room • pdfdoc

Session 6 — Disciplines of the Beloved • pdfdoc

(They each fit on a single page, 8½ × 11, double-sided, folded in half.)


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